The POLKA chair is a dancing chair.
Standing on three feet, the fourth is raised up- ready to move forward.
Sitting on the POLKAchair you don't have to sit still- it is made to rock.
You can move forward and back again and stay in motion while sitting.
A new experience of sitting.

The QUATTROPOLKA is like a good companion for the POLKA chair, like its four-legged sister. It plays with perspective, the lines warped and seem all to be contorted, yet it is comfortable to sit on.


This is a padded chair which if required can be turned into a stool by means of a special patented mechanism.
It is designed for those home setting where reduced space does not allow insertion of both chairs and stools, or contract furnishing situations when you want to changeover your business from a restaurant to a club to a pub...


This is the classic rocking horse, revisited in its lines and materials.
Designed to fit in with adult furnishing to form the aesthetic sense of new generations.
Testes to prevent overturning, even the most dauntless at heart can enjoy a safe, rollicking ride.